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Your Guide to Wisdom and Eternal Truth

First let me point out that eternal truthes are extremely hard to come by. Furthermore, one should be extremely wary of something (or someone) that claims to be an eternal truth. That is to say, don't believe everything you read. That having been said, please continue reading...

Have you ever woken up in the morning and wondered "Is there anything more? Is this all there is to life?" Well wonder no further. This document contains all of the answers to the deeper questions of life. Of course opinion may vary, but fact does not. The facts in this document, regarding the answers to the questions listed below, are the truth, pure and simple. To deny such truth would be wrong, and therefore punishable by having numerous Band-Aids applied to the arms, legs, and head (and subsequently removed..very slowly). Hence, it is in your best interest to believe.

Answers are available on the following topics (Please select one to continue):
For a second opinion on your meta-physical, super-conscious, semi-conductive well-being, feel free to consult the following under-trained, non-lisenced, unprofessional entities: (no warranty of link-useability express or implied)
Have you decided to flick it in? Have you given up the goat? Well don't be a square! Remember...It's all in the mind... Blood and cheese or blasphemy... And if you have any legal problems, be sure to consult the United States Constitution, assuming you are a citizen thereof. If you are not a citizen thereof (or if you are, for that matter), you might want to check out some other nations' constitutions instead.

Or check out the National ACLU here. If you're in Oregon, try the ACLU-OR page here.

Feel like exercising your First Amendment Rights? Check out the Wiretape Electronic Text Archive. You'll find all sorts of interesting documents.

Are you an aspiring attorney? I am. What's my secret? Watching lots and lots of Perry Mason! Check out The Perry Mason Pages, an invaluable resource for the avid fan and wannabe.

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